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Voysey House,
Barley Mow Passage
London W4 4GF
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8742 3355

USA: 1-800-988-6168
Canada: (647) 382 1644
Australia: 1300 55 95 95
New Zealand: 0800 877 622

Celebrating 25 years of cultural tours

Twenty-five years. Not a long time in the history of anything important. Should we postpone celebrations until our centenary? Two reasons not to: a) I won’t be here, and b) neither will you.

Has MRT changed? Yes and no. There was just me when it started, driving a minicab at night to earn my keep. Now there are over thirty full-timers (and 150 lecturers on our books). There were a dozen tours in the first year; in 2013 there are over 250, ranging from single days to events for over 200 clients of a complexity and daring which were beyond my imaginings in the early years.

But the essentials of what we provide for our clients remain the same, as does the underlying ethos.

My sixteen-year-old daughter recently said, ‘If all else fails I could always run Martin Randall Travel’. Up to a point. All it needs is unflinching devotion to the well-being of our clients, thorough knowledge of the destination and the subject matter of the tour, incessant re-appraisal of hotels and restaurants, relentless attention to detail, unflagging creativity, and commercial competence of a high order.

From the outset, my mantra has been that it is not worth doing what we do unless we are the best. We don’t always succeed, but we try.

With best wishes,


Martin Randall
Chief Executive

Save the date
An evening with Martin Randall Travel, 28 November & 3 December 2013

Dinner, music and entertainment in a historic venue in London. Capacity is limited so please register for advance details.


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