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Gastronomy Tours

By a region’s literature and architecture you understand its history; by its art and music you understand its self-image. It is by its food, though, that you understand its true, unchanging character. The most communal of the arts, gastronomy is both visual and physical, scholarly and emotional. And to visit these farms, vineyards and (of course) restaurants in the company of an expert is an even greater delight for the intellectual palate. All our small-group tours are led by expert lecturers, chosen for their companionability and communication skills as well as their scholarship.

Gastronomic Emilia-Romagna

Gastronomic Emilia-Romagna

  • One of the world’s most famous food-producing regions.
  • A food-lover’s paradise: source of the best ham, cheese, vinegar, fresh pasta. See how they are made and meet their producers.
  • Two lecturers: an expert art historian and a gastronomic specialist, author of The Food Lover’s Companion to Italy.
11–17 Apr 2015
7 days
Gastronomic Catalonia

Gastronomic Catalonia

  • Eat well, drink well: Michelin-starred meals, award-winning chefs and quality wine producers.
  • Sightseeing ranges from mediaeval to Modernist art and architecture.
  • Led by Gijs van Hensbergen, author of books on Spanish art and food.
13–19 Apr 2015
7 days
Bilbao to Bayonne

Bilbao to Bayonne

  • Long, lazy lunches including two in restaurants with 3 Michelin stars.
  • Excellent wines of La Rioja-Alavesa.
  • Architecture by Gehry, Calatrava, Moneo, and varied landscapes of coast, plain and mountain.
7–14 Sep 2015
8 days
Gastronomic Piedmont for Cambridge Alumni

Gastronomic Piedmont for Cambridge Alumni

  • One of the most celebrated gastronomic regions in Italy, centre of the ‘Slow Food’ revolution.
  • Wine and food production studied at source, including visits to Alba, white truffle capital of the world, and a number of Barolo wineries.
  • Superb restaurants, from simple trattorias to the Michelin starred.
3–9 Oct 2015
7 days
Gastronomic Sicily

Gastronomic Sicily

  • Colourful Palermo street markets, authentic salt flats near Trapani, historic cellars in Marsala.
  • Learn about making wine, olive oil and artisan foods from the craftsmen and women who carry on these age-old traditions.
  • Spectrum of culinary experiences from street food in Palermo to dinner in a palazzo. Emphasis on authentic tradition rather than haute cuisine.
19–25 Oct 2015
7 days
Gastronomic Kerala

Gastronomic Kerala

  • Surveys the history and distinctive culture of the region through its cuisine: Jewish, Muslim, Christian.
  • Three nights in Fort Cochin, the spice trade centre of the Arabian Sea.
  • From tea and spice plantations to lush backwaters, a leisurely paced tour amid varied scenery.
7–17 Nov 2015
11 days
We liked all the meals and were glad you included a wide range of cuisines and restaurants.
This was our first tour with Martin Randall and was one of the best we have been on.
A very enjoyable trip. Good number in the group. Good food and wine, good company. Good trip for a solo traveller.

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