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Music Festivals

Martin Randall Travel's music festivals feature world-class performers in the finest and most appropriate venues. These festivals are organised and operated solely by MRT and are exclusive to MRT clients. Although numbers are much larger than on small-group tours—from 150 to 300 people—the principles of care, detail and intimacy, far from being diluted, are simply applied on a grander scale.

MRT also operates small-group music tours, providing top-category tickets to public concerts, either pre-existing festivals or a seasonal opera programme. View small-group music tours.

A Festival of Music in Bologna

A Festival of Music in Bologna

  • Seven concerts of music with Bolognese associations in beautiful historic buildings, some of which are rarely open to the public.
  • Music by composers who lived or worked in Bologna from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.
  • Bologna is one of the loveliest Italian cities, as well as one of the most important centres in the country’s musical history.
28 Sep–3 Oct 2014
6 days
The Rhine Valley Music Festival

The Rhine Valley Music Festival

  • Eight private concerts in beautiful and appropriate historic buildings.
  • Musicians of the highest calibre from Switzerland, Germany, France and England.
  • Music from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, most composed in the countries through which we pass.
20–27 Jun 2015
8 days
The Johann Sebastian Bach Journey

The Johann Sebastian Bach Journey

  • Journeying to the places where Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked. 
  • The audience stays in hotels in three different places, Mühlhausen, Weimar and Leipzig, and the concerts take place here and in three other towns.
  • Admission to the twelve concerts is exclusive to those who take a complete package which includes hotels, flights from the UK, private coaches, dinners and lectures.  
5–11 Jul 2015
7 days
The Danube Music Festival

The Danube Music Festival

  • Eight concerts in palaces, theatres, churches and manor houses which are all related in some way to the music.
  • Two Beethoven premières: a promenade concert of the Eroica in the Lobkowitz Palais, Vienna and a performance in Great Hall of the Academy of Sciences, Vienna.
  • Accommodation on a first-class river cruiser, MS Amadeus Brilliant, one of the more comfortable cruisers on the waterways of Europe.
20–27 Aug 2015
8 days
The total ambience is unique. The comfort and non-hurried pace enabled a relaxed attention at the concerts.
Inspiring in every way.
A first class 48 hours with good company.

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