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Baroque & Rococo - In Southern Germany

    • Some of the most uplifting and spectacular buildings in the world.
    • Glorious countryside, unspoilt towns and villages.
    • Led by Tom Abbott, a specialist in architectural history from the Baroque to the 20th century.
Rocaille' Cartouche Engraving C.1750.
Rocaille' cartouche engraving c.1750.

Baroque and Rococo reached a triumphant fulfilment in the churches and palaces of southern Germany, and the styles are manifested in the region. It is astonishing that these marvels are not better known, but the artistic heritage of Germany continues to be sadly undervalued. Moreover, many of the choicest items on this tour are not easily accessible, being situated deep in the countryside.

Around the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there was something of an economic miracle in the German lands, accompanied by a frenetic upsurge in building activity. This followed nearly a whole century which was blighted by wars and economic collapse. At the end of it the Catholic Church emerged revitalised, wealthier than ever and triumphant in its defeat of Protestantism. In the temporal sphere, the creed of absolutism, which imposed few constraints on the power of the prince or local lord, was at its height.

The Baroque style was the perfect expression both for the Church Triumphant and for the temporal ruler who, taking his cue from Louis XIV at Versailles, wished to overawe his subjects and impress on all visitors the might and magnificence of his person.

The Rococo, which arrived in Germany in the 1730s, was delicate and light-hearted by comparison with the imposing magnificence of High Baroque, but produced some of the most exquisite interiors in the history of art.

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from £2,530
5–13 Aug 2015
Lecturer: Tom Abbott
For the purposes of “baroque and rococo” in south west Germany, absolutely magnificent and we would do the whole thing again tomorrow! 
Particularly complex itinerary and extremely well done. Exquisite, wonderful things.
My first experience of MRT and it lived up to my expectations of content and quality of organization.  
Another excellent tour that plugged a hole in my travels. 
The lecturer is an excellent speaker and interpreter of the subject – an attentive and caring guide. Worth his weight in gold. 

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