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Archaeology tours

Our archaeology holidays feature a wide selection of small-group tours exploring the ancient and classical world, from Ancient Rome to Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece to Classical Turkey.

Expert lecturers, chosen for their companionability and communication skills as well as their scholarship, lead our award-winning, meticulously-planned archaeological tours throughout Europe and the Middle East, visiting sites as famed as the Acropolis in Athens, Isfahan in Iran and the Pantheon in Rome, as well as countless lesser known destinations.


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Orkney: 5,000 years of culture Neolithic, Iron Age, Viking, present day

28 Jul - 03 Aug 2018 £1,830
Fully booked
Kirkwall, steel engraving c. 1850
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Ancient Egypt at the British Museum Belief and Society

03 Aug 2018 £185
7 space(s) remaining
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Cave Art in Spain Atapuerca to Altamira

04 - 10 Sep 2018 £2,370
Fully booked
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