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We offer an unequalled range of tours and events focusing on archaeology, architecture, art, gastronomy, history, houses and gardens, literature and drama, music, ballet and opera, and walking. Many tours involve elements of various themes, such as a combination of art, architecture and music.


Our archaeology tours feature a wide selection of sites in the ancient and classical world.

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Temple Apollinopolis Magna.

Art & Architecture

Our art and architecture tours take you to the most famous and celebrated galleries and buildings in Europe and the USA.

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Prague, Old Town Square, lithograph by Samuel Prout 1839

Gastronomy & Wine

Our tours will delight discerning palates: explore Sicily, Basque Country, Provence and more.

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From ‘The Foreign Tour of Messrs Brown, Jones & Robinson’ by Richard Doyle, Publ. 1854.


Our history tours focus on a fascinating range of historical events and political themes.

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GDR soldier Conrad Schumann escapes to West Berlin, 15 August 1961.

Houses & Gardens

Our 'countryside' tours visit places to escape the urban environment: villas and private gardens.

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Villa d'Este, after watercolour by Walter Tyndale c. 1910.

Literature & Drama

Dive into the world of great writers, such as Shakespeare and Dante.

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Books in Arabic.

Music, Opera & Ballet

MRT provides top-category tickets to public concerts, either pre-existing festivals or a seasonal opera programme.

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Our walking tours take you to traditional pilgrimage routes or lesser-known country trails.

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Cookham Church, watercolour by Ernest W. Haslehurst, publ. 1930.