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MRT’s Dr Paul Bahn wins Archaeology book of the year for 'Images of the Ice Age'

posted on 27/02/17

Images of the Ice Age, written by MRT lecturer Dr Paul Bahn, has been awarded ‘Archaeology Book of the year’ in the Current Archaeology Awards 2017, it was announced last week.

The book is a comprehensive study of man’s earliest artwork, including the cave art which adorns prehistoric sites like Lascaux in France, Spain’s Altamira cave (the earliest paintings of which are estimated at 35,000 years old), and in locations discovered elsewhere around the world. Dr Bahn also looks at the plethora of impressive portable art that remains from the last Ice Age, such as bone, antler and stone carvings, and the methods that are used to categorise and date these pieces.

Dr Paul Bahn is an archaeologist and Britain’s foremost expert in prehistoric art. He leads Cave Art of France (29 June–6 July), which visits some of the most important Prehistoric caves in Europe, including the new facsimile Lascaux IV, Pech Merle and Niaux.

By Miles Rowland, Digital Marketing Assistant.


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