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Cultural tours in Europe

Chatsworth, Peterhof, Versailles, Sanssouci – not just magnificent palaces but showcases of art and esteem (and spectacular fountains) by which Europe’s major powers have signalled their cultural pre-eminence over centuries. All, of course, feature among MRT’s 200 European itineraries – spanning 33 countries, led by experts and covering millennia of cultural achievement, from the Etruscans to Impressionism, from the monasteries of Armenia to the Reichstag in Berlin.

We explore the mysteries of pre-history in the megaliths of Brittany and the cave art of northern Spain, celebrate the wonders of the Classical world in Sicily, Pompeii and the Peloponnese, cover the Cold War in Central Europe – and dine superbly on tours of culinary hotspots such as San Sebastian. But the most distinctive of MRT’s European offerings are our music and opera tours and festivals (the latter arranged exclusively for our guests) which feature music from the Renaissance to Ravel, performed by acclaimed artists, frequently in locations that have direct associations with composer or piece.

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Gardens in the Highlands Horticulture and garden design in northern Scotland

24 Jun - 02 Jul 2024 £3,960
15 space(s) remaining
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Vienna’s Masterpieces The art collections of an imperial capital

24 - 29 Jun 2024 £3,480
Fully booked
Vienna, Josefplatz, engraving c. 1810.
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Medieval West Midlands Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Oxfordshire

24 - 28 Jun 2024 £1,640
1 space(s) remaining
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