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Cultural tours in Germany

Listening to Baroque music in the roof space of a mediaeval salt warehouse in beautiful Regensburg is just one among many imaginative offerings in our small-group tours of Germany. The country’s unique musical heritage forms the core of many itineraries – celebrating the genius of Mozart, Wagner, Strauss and many more, we arrange private concerts and festivals in historically appropriate settings as well as internationally renowned venues and bring you the finest of virtuosic performers – and we also make it possible to combine music with country walks, history, art and architecture.

Germany brims with Baroque splendours and monumental grandeur, from small towns to mighty Berlin, from the magnificent follies of Ludwig II in Bavaria to the palaces of Frederick the Great at Potsdam. An incidental pleasure is discovering the unspoilt landscapes of hidden corners, especially in the former GDR, and we also ply the Danube and the Main in luxury cruisers. Daily talks and lectures help complete our comprehensive picture of Europe’s most powerful nation.

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King Ludwig II and the Wittelsbach palaces of Bavaria

20 - 25 Aug 2018 £2,360
Fully booked
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Music in Franconia By river to Regensberg, Nuremberg & Bamberg

25 Aug - 01 Sep 2018 £3,320
Fully booked
Nuremberg, watercolour by William Callow, published 1908.
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Walking in Franconia Country walks & concerts

25 Aug - 01 Sep 2018 £2,930
Fully booked
Bamberg, Rathaus, watercolour by E. Harrison Compton, publ. 1912.
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