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History tours

Our history tours focus on a fascinating range of historical events and political themes. These include the Napoleonic, Crimean and Cold Wars, and battlefield tours of the Somme, Waterloo and Agincourt. Of course, you will find innumerable aspects of history covered in most of our tours. Outside of our category dedicated solely to history holidays and battlefield tours, we deal with the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome in our archaeological tours, and the Mongol rulers of thirteenth and fourteenth century Iran in our architecture theme. In other categories, we explore Hadrian’s Wall in our walking tours, and Mediaeval Burgundy and the Courts of Renaissance Italy in our art history tours. 


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The Printing Revolution Renaissance print culture in Rome & Venice

27 Jan - 03 Feb 2019 £3,910
8 space(s) remaining
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Ashurbanipal, King of the World Exhibition and Assyrian collections at the British Museum

06 Feb 2019 £215
Fully booked
Relief detail of Ashurbanipal hunting on horseback. Nineveh, Assyria, 645–635 BC © The Trustees of the British Museum.
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Age of Victoria A weekend symposium in Taunton

08 - 10 Feb 2019 £760
2 space(s) remaining
Queen Victoria at the time of her accession, wood engraving, c.1880.
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