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History tours

Our History tours focus on significant events, encounters and destinations, from castle-builders and conquest in medieval Wales to The Making of Argentina; from forces that shaped the Western Balkans to the passion and politics of civil war Spain. Acclaimed historians provide context and analysis on in-depth journeys through place and time.

Central to all our history tours is the choice of lecturer; top academics and experts with first-hand experience of the places and detailed knowledge of the period in question. They include former diplomats, army officers and foreign correspondents – well placed through their myriad contacts to open doors onto the past. 

Additionally, our UK based ​residential history symposia programme presents leading scholarship in digestible and entertaining ways. We run one of two of these events per year – contact us to register your interest for 2024.



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Cambodia by River From the Mekong Delta to the city of Angkor

09 - 22 Mar 2024 £7,090
6 space(s) remaining
Elephant's Terrace at Angkor Wat, from ‘Ruins in Cambodia’, publ. 1923.
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The Story of Venice Different perspectives on history, art and life

10 - 15 Mar 2024 £2,970
Fully booked
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Romans & Carolingians Germany from Augustus to Charlemagne

10 - 17 Apr 2024 £3,180
Fully booked
Cologne, early-19th-century aquatint.
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