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Literature & Drama tours

It may seem perverse to take that most solitary of intellectual pursuits, reading, and construct around it a tour for a group of twenty. And yet, what better way to gain a new perspective on a work of fiction than to see with one’s own eyes the places that inspired its creation? How better to become more closely acquainted with a text than to discuss it in the company of other aficionados, under the direction of an expert—or of the author themselves? All our small-group tours are led by expert lecturers, chosen for their companionability and communication skills as well as their scholarship.


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Charles Dickens Marshalsea, Chelsea, Westminster & Holborn

31 Aug 2018 £245
6 space(s) remaining
Charles Dickens, wood engraving c. 1880
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Poets and the Somme Poetry of the Great War in battlefield context

07 - 10 Sep 2018 £1,430
Fully booked
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Age of Victoria A weekend symposium in Taunton

08 - 10 Feb 2019 £760
Albert Memorial, wood engraving c. 1880 from ‘The Life & Times of Queen Victoria.’
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