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As a really satisfying London experience, nothing can replicate walking from one side of the city to the other. This Byways Walk, several years in preparation, embodies the key ingredient in our ever-popular London Backstreet Walk which lifts it to another level: the itinerary winds largely through quiet byways, hidden alleys, lesser streets and pedestrian precincts. 

There is no overlap of routes, however, and such is the variousness of London that the city revealed by Byways feels quite different – and indeed seems like several successive little cities. Each district or cluster of streets has its own mood and character whose potency can be felt and appreciated so much better when perambulating through a sequence of these neighbourhoods.

Seen along the way are a remarkable number of Stuart and Georgian houses and civic buildings, a Tudor courtyard and much high-quality contemporary architecture, the Roman city wall and grand Victorian and Edwardian banks, aristocratic mansions in Mayfair and fantastically elaborated pubs everywhere. Another feature is the quantity of excellent architectural sculpture, but there are far too many fascinating and beautiful places to begin to list them here. 

The day has been planned to be entirely outdoors, except for eating and drinking. If feasible, however, we may drop into a fine church or two and peep into halls, foyers and assorted premises. Following the model of the ever-popular London Backstreet Walk, this day provides not only a unique and fascinating insight into the history and architecture of London but also the satisfaction of accomplishing a journey on foot from one side of the capital to the other. 

Start and finish

Bank at 9.30am, Marble Arch by 6.00pm (or Bond Street c.5.00pm).


£195, including a good lunch and three other refreshment stops (it may be quicker and easier for one of them to be independent).

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Group size

Maximum 15 participants.


7 miles (6 if you opt for the earlier finish). Our rule of thumb is that you should be able to walk at about 3 mph for at least an hour at a time.

Are you fit enough to join the tour?


We will return the full amount if you notify us 22 or more days before the event. We will retain 50% if cancellation is made within three weeks and 100% if within three days. Please put your cancellation in writing to We advise taking out insurance in case of cancellation and recommend that overseas clients are also covered for possible medical and repatriation costs.

Map: London Days.