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Sustainable tourism

Many of our tours feature visits to towns and villages off the beaten tourist trail, enabling you to experience local traditions and practices, such as artisan pasta-making and cheese production on our gastronomic tours to Italy.

In the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and certain European countries, we employ local agents who take care of many of the logistical tour arrangements on our behalf. Most of our current relationships have been built up over the course of many years of business.

In addition to supporting the communities and local economies of the places we visit, we also strive to limit our impact on the environment. Our itineraries are designed to spend more time in places visited than on conventional tours; this often means there are days without travel.

Like us, you can also choose to donate to the local heritage sites we visit, such as York Minster (visited on The Cathedrals of England tour), where donations contribute to restoration and conservation of the buildings. 

We support the conservation of London churches on our London Days. Many of the city's historic church buildings are extremely underfunded yet they are very often free to visit. We always give a donation to the churches we visit, regardless of whether it is expected.

Carbon offsetting

Martin Randall Travel offers you the option to pay a carbon offset donation every time you book a tour with us that includes flights.

Martin Randall Travel also makes a carbon offset donation for every lecturer, tour manager or member of office staff travelling by air on company business.

Through these donations, we support the India Solar Water Heating project, which provides in-house hot water supplies fueled by renewable energy to homes, community buildings and small to medium-sized businesses throughout India.

We are partnered with this project through the organisation Carbon Neutral.

You can make a carbon offset donation as part of the booking process. If you have already booked, please contact us to make a contribution.

In-house practices

In the Martin Randall Travel office, we recycle as much waste as possible. This includes old IT equipment and office furniture as well as the more obvious items such as paper, packaging and food waste.

All our brochures are printed on paper sourced sustainably, and we use a ‘green’ stationery supplier.

We store information electronically, unless printing is unavoidable. We also send all documents relating to your booking to you by e-mail only, where possible (you can still request documents by post on the booking form if you wish).

We have improved our website experience, in part to encourage more people to book and browse online, as an alternative to printed brochures and booking forms.

If you have any questions about our Responsible Tourism policy or would like to provide feedback, please contact us.

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