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Martin Randall Travel is committed to providing an unrivalled level of quality and service for our clients at every stage of a tour or festival, from the initial enquiry to after the event. Consequently, we take all our client feedback extremely seriously – it helps us to further improve and enhance the MRT experience.

Most individual tour descriptions include client recommendations – either from participants in previous years or about the relevant lecturer. The following, however, is a selection of our clients’ general comments about Martin Randall Travel and its tours and festivals.

If you have recently been on a tour and would like to provide feedback, please complete our questionnaire.

I find the Martin Randall tours I have undertaken, all without exception, have been really good value for several reasons.

Whether the theme is music, gardens, history or architecture I become totally absorbed in all these subjects, lapping up all the knowledge I can glean from your excellent lecturers. I take frequent notes that when home, combined with all my photographs, create a thorough account of the tour with lasting memories.

I only started taking your holidays after I retired, I must confess that before then I was always put off the idea of organised tours. So it was a real pleasure to find your company, whose tours always include exactly what I would wish to do independently, but always with very pleasant company, and so superbly well organised. 

Just a sincere thanks for a memorable experience. Something I have wanted to do for many years and it well and truly lived up to my expectations.

Spectacular, well managed tour which we will never forget.

It was a deep experience and we always felt that MRT was in total control. We feel very fortunate to have taken this particular trip and look forward to more with you.

This was my first experience with Martin Randall Travel so I did not know what to expect, I can say that every detail was considered and wonderfully carried out. MRT's planning, preparation, and delivery allowed all of us attending to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

The trip lived up to my hopes and dreams.

That is beyond cost, it was a unique privilege and, from the height of my myriad MRT trips, the essence of MR magic.

The tour was exemplified by excellent, speedy and courteous service. Nothing was too much trouble for them and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being Martin Randall customers. We will be back for more of the same!

I am a confirmed Martin Randall traveller for many reasons - excellent tours with a very high standard of information imparted by experienced and expert lecturers, very good tour managers who are highly organized, excellent accommodation and meals, and a wonderful sense of being looked after in all areas required

Everything worked as scheduled without ever feeling that we were being "herded along" or pressurised. Excellent timekeeping, no hitches. There was also a degree of flexibility and efforts were made to listen to people's requests and organise around them.

It's hard to put a price on knowledge.

The week was wonderful. To be taught by such an esteemed lecturer, have the services of a tour manager, visit such beautiful cities, be driven everywhere that was needed, have delicious meals and stay in nice hotels means that you have to pay a fair amount. And I feel the amount charged is a fair price.

Every day I learned something and found myself looking at unbelievable treasures. Great trips are memorable, and this was.

There is no other tour on the market which gives so much.

It is obvious that an enormous amount of planning went into putting this superb tour together. I thank you with all my heart.

An MRT trip is more than a vacation; it's an experience that will live on in our memories because it was so deeply satisfying.

The sheer pleasure - and relief- of having every aspect of one's trip so efficiently organised is worth a great deal, as is the opportunity to see and learn about such magnificent buildings and items of material culture.