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Martin Randall Travel is committed to providing an unrivalled level of quality and service for our clients at every stage of a tour or festival, from the initial enquiry to after the event. Consequently, we take all our client feedback extremely seriously – it helps us to further improve and enhance the MRT experience.

Most individual tour descriptions include client recommendations – either from participants in previous years or about the relevant lecturer. The following, however, is a selection of our clients’ general comments about Martin Randall Travel and its tours and festivals.

If you have recently been on a tour and would like to provide feedback, please complete our questionnaire.

This is the best holiday I have ever taken.

All elements have been carefully considered and it cannot be improved on the strength of my satisfaction.

Travelling with Martin Randall Travel is always completely wonderful.

The food and wine more outstanding and beyond expectations, access to private and privileged views, access to artefacts you would not get to see yourself, and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced and fun lecturer.

There are three particular characteristics of Martin Randall music festivals.

The first is the choice of programme and the high quality of the performers. The second is meticulous attention to detail, every aspect of the tour being worked out to ensure that it ran smoothly. The third is the calibre of the Martin Randall staff, who are both efficient and delightful.

Spectacular, well managed tour which we will never forget.

It was a deep experience and we always felt that MRT was in total control. We feel very fortunate to have taken this particular trip and look forward to more with you.

I loved it.

I found exactly what I had hoped for from the tour description, extraordinary people who could help me to see into the heart of a wonderful country and plan visits to fascinating places I didn’t and couldn’t know existed.

Everything works like clockwork.

We get more than we pay for in service and quality. There is never anything to worry about. MRT also seems to attract great people on their tours and the company is obviously respected across England.

With MRT everything is so beautifully organised and I get to see far more than I might on my own (and in greater comfort) and learn far more than I might from the most informative guide books. Pleasant company too.

I am a confirmed Martin Randall traveller for many reasons - excellent tours with a very high standard of information imparted by experienced and expert lecturers, very good tour managers who are highly organized, excellent accommodation and meals, and a wonderful sense of being looked after in all areas required

Martin Randall Travel employ extraordinary lecturers that enrich your traveling experiences immensely by providing the background to allow you to best appreciate what you're seeing. Their tour managers smooth any problems with their attentiveness and local knowledge.

Highly professional in conception and execution.

One of the best features of MRT tours are the quality of the other participants, nearly all of whom were intelligent, curious, friendly and stimulating.

These tours enable me to learn, do and experience more than I could ever hope to do as an independent traveller and I can see the thought and care that has gone into preparing a varied and interesting itinerary supported by a highly professional lecturer and tour manager.

There is no other tour on the market which gives so much.

Martin Randall travel is exceptionally well organised, treats everyone as individuals, answers the telephone in person and delivers the widest range of cultural trips aimed at intelligent travellers.

I would just like to say how much my husband and I appreciate the quality of the tours we have done with you – interesting choices of topic and location, excellent lecturers and faultless organisation of both travel and accommodation. Martin Randall holidays are absolutely top of the range!  Thank you! 

Our MRT holiday exceeded our expectations in every respect. The international party gave a broad and interesting slant to our conversations, and we were suitably led by both lecturer and local guide. We have had many memorable experiences on Martin Randall holidays, but you have just excelled yourselves again.