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Cultural tours in the USA

Our tours of the United States cover a vast canvas of art, architecture and landscape, from Central Park to The Alamo; from Modernist masterpieces to Mississippi slave huts; from El Greco in Toledo to Art Deco in Detroit. We do justice to some of the world’s finest galleries and collections, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Getty Centre in Los Angeles, and go hunting for petroglyphs in the deserts of the Southwest. We stay in one of the world’s first skyscrapers, and visit the tenement homes of early immigrants.

The key to this ambitious portfolio of itineraries lies in the peerless expertise of our lecturers, the privileged access we command (private views and after-hours visits abound) and thoughtful planning – when else would you expect to visit New Orleans but during Jazz Fest? From antiquity to Twombly, America is yours to discover with MRT.

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West Coast Architecture A century of building in Arizona and California

13 - 23 Sep 2024 £6,830
Fully booked
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Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago School

30 Sep - 10 Oct 2024 £6,180
Fallingwater, photograph courtesy of Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.
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Galleries of the American Midwest From Chicago to Detroit

18 - 29 Jun 2025 £7,230
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