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Martin Randall Festivals

Celebrating music and place

There surely can be few greater musical pleasures than listening to music in the places most closely associated with the composer or the first performance. Linking the music to the places so central to the composers’ lives, and providing the historical context, is at the heart of all our planning, as is ensuring that the music itself is performed by artists of the highest international standing.

The audiences on our classical music festivals are formed of participants who take a package which includes access to all the private concerts, accommodation, flights from the UK and transfers, meals with wine, talks by a musicologist, tips and much else besides.

Below you can watch footage of Opera in Southern Sicily, captured in November 2019, which offers an insight into the Martin Randall Festival experience.



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Music along the Rhine Outstanding music, beautiful countryside and historic towns along Germany’s principal river

30 Jun - 07 Jul 2020 £3,790
9 space(s) remaining
W. Turner, 'On the Rhine', c. 1830, ©Sotheby’s / akg-images
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Music in the Loire Valley Renaissance to Romantic – nine concerts in magnificent châteaux and historic venues in the Garden of France

07 - 13 Jul 2020 £2,920
66 space(s) remaining
P. D. Trouillebert, Die Loire bei Montsoreau / Gemälde, 19. Jh. ©Sotheby’s / akg-images
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The Danube: Celebrating Beethoven

24 - 31 Aug 2020 £3,110
The Danube: Celebrating Beethoven
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