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Upcoming online talks with MRT speakers

last updated on 16/12/21



Loot and Plunder: A History of Acquisition in Six Episodes by Hugh Doherty

9 June–14 July 2022

New subscribers have until 8th September 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. The Princeps in Ptolemaic Egypt: the Obelisks of Rome (9th June 2022)

2. The General in Vandal Africa: The Temple Menorah (16th June 2022)

3. The Doge in Komnenian Constantinople: The Four Horses (23rd June 2022)

4. The Revolutionary in Northern Italy: Perugino’s Decemviri Altarpiece (30th June 2022)

5. The Explorer in Ottoman Iraq: The Palace Reliefs of Ashurbanipal (7th July 2022)

6. The Reichsführer in Occupied Europe: The Bayeux Tapestry (14th July 2022) 

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Mitteleuropa: History and Memory – six online talks

26 April–31 May 2022

New subscribers have until 26th July 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Maria Theresa and the making of modern Central Europe, by Richard Bassett (26th April 2022)

2. Europe’s day of judgement: The Battle of Königgrätz 1866, by Richard Bassett (3rd May 2022)

3. Otto von Bismarck: Man, Myth and Memory by Katja Hoyer (10th May 2022)

4. The Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles: The German View by Annika Mombauer (17 May 2022)

5. The myth of Germany’s ‘rubble women’ by Annika Mombauer (24th May 2022)

6. Berlin: 1989 and beyond by Tom Abbott (31st May 2022) 

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The Age of Power: Science and Globalization in the 18th century – five online talks by Patricia Fara

7 April–5 May 2022

New subscribers have until 30th June 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Gravity: The Newtonian Empire (7th April 2022)

2. Electricity: Revolutionary Sparks (14th April 2022)

3. Steam: The Lunar Society of Birmingham (21st April 2022)

4. Empire: Exploration or Exploitation? (28th April 2022)

5. Life: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (5th May 2022) 

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Renaissance Painting in Venice: Artists and Subjects – six online talks by Dr Susan Steer and Dr Michael Douglas-Scott

In partnership with Venice in Peril Fund

15 March–19 April 2022

New subscribers have until 14th June 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Heavenly Compositions: Giovanni Bellini and the altarpiece (15th March 2022)

2. Telling Tales: Carpaccio and narrative painting (22nd March 2022)

3. Controversial Canvasses: Giorgione and questions of attribution and interpretation (29th March 2022)

4. Gods and Rulers: Titian’s classical mythologies (5th April 2022)

5. Drawing as Painting: the originality of Tintoretto (12th April 2022)

6. Artistic Licence and the Inquisition: Veronese's feasts (19th April 2022) 

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Art and music in the age of Impressionism – five online talks by Patrick Bade

3–31 March 2022

New subscribers have until 26th May 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Impressionism and Music: a Tale of Two Claudes (3rd March 2022)

2. Manet, Offenbach; La Vie Parisienne and the Birth of Modernism (10th March 2022)

3. Degas at the Opera (17th March 2022)

4. Wagner and France: La Peinture Wagnerienne (24th March 2022)

5. Salome: Gustave Moreau, Oscar Wilde and Richard Strauss (31st March 2022) 

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The Queen’s Pictures: the formation and display of the Royal Collection – five online talks by Desmond Shawe-Taylor

7 February–7 March 2022

New subscribers have until 2nd May 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. The Arrival of the Renaissance – Henry VIII to Charles I (7th February 2022)

2. Restoration & Revolution – England in the Age of Versailles 1660-1714 (14th February 2022)

3. Ruling a Free Nation; the early Georgians (21st February 2022)

4. The Great Joss and his Playthings: George IV (28th February 2022)

5. Art and Idealism – Victoria and Albert (7th March 2022)

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Granada, Courtyard of the Lions in The Alhambra, chromolithograph c. 1890

Art and Architecture of Andalucía – five online talks by Dr Philippa Joseph

1 February–1 March 2022

New subscribers have until 26th April 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Introducing Andalucía: Art, Architecture and Ancient History (1st February 2022)

2. The Rise and Fall of the Córdoban Umayyad (8th February 2022)

3. Almoravid and Almohad al-Andalus: New Order and Formal Development (15th February 2022)

4. The Alhambra: Construction, Survival, Decline, Revival (22nd February 2022)

5. Musing on Mudéjar: Resisting Rome’s Advance (1st March 2022)

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Franz Schubert: Six Years in Life – six online talks by Richard Wigmore

20 January–24 February 2022

New subscribers have until 21st April 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Eighteen Sixteen (20th January 2022)

2. Eighteen Nineteen (27th January 2022)

3. Eighteen Twenty-Two (3rd February 2022)

4. Eighteen Twenty-Five (10th February 2022)

5. Eighteen Twenty-Seven (17th February 2022)

6. Eighteen Twenty-Eight (24th February 2022)

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Gods Above, Gods Below: the Supernatural World of Ancient Mesopotamia – six online talks by Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

7 December 2021–25 January 2022

New subscribers have until 22nd March 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. How to Worship a God (7th December 2021)

2. The Gods Who Are (14th December 2021)

3. Back to the Future (4th January 2022)

4. In Sickness and in Health (11th January 2022)

5. Things that Go Bump in the Night (18th January 2022)

6. Love is a Many Splendid Thing (25th January 2022)

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Five great medieval buildings in context – five online talks by John McNeill

2 December 2021–13 January 2022

New subscribers have until 10th March 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Cappella Palatina, Palermo (2nd December 2021)

2. Bourges Cathedral (9th December 2021)

3. Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick (16th December 2021)

4. Tomar del Cristo (6th January 2022)

5. Ely Cathedral (13th January 2022)

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