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Upcoming online talks with MRT speakers

last updated on 11/05/22



The Faces That Launched a Thousand Paintings – five online talks by Mary Lynn Riley

6 October–3 November 2022

New subscribers have until 29th December 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Misia Godebska Sert: the seductive patroness (6th October 2022)

2. Marthe de Méligny:  the enigmatic recluse (13th October 2022)

3. Bella Rosenberg:  the eternal bride (20th October 2022)

4. Marie-Thérèse Walter:  the clandestine passion (27th October 2022)

5. Lydia Delectorskaya:  the devoted guardian (3rd November 2022)

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Etching, 1927, by E.J. Detmold.

The History and Myth of Arabia – six online talks by Dr Peter Webb

3–19 October 2022

New subscribers have until 14th December 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. How did the Arabs become Bedouin? (3rd October 2022)

2. Ancient Arabia: Greeks, Babylonians and the Queen of Sheba (5th October 2022)

3. Arabia and Rome: Petra, Palmyra and Arabian Myth (10th October 2022)

4. Mecca before Muhammad: Religion at the Dawn of Islam (12th October 2022)

5. Islam’s Arabian Period (17th October 2022)

6. The Bedouin Return: Arabia on the edges of Islam (19th October 2022)

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An Architectural History of Modern Britain – five online talks by Steven Parissien

30 August–27 September 2022

New subscribers have until 22nd November 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. The English Country House (30th August 2022)

2. The Townhouse (6th September 2022)

3. The Railway Station (13th September 2022)

4. The Factory and the Shop (20th September 2022)

5. The Pub (27th September 2022)

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Russia’s ‘accursed questions’ – five online talks by Professor Simon Dixon

4 August–1 September 2022

New subscribers have until 27th October 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Christianity and conquest in medieval ‘Russia’ (4th August 2022)

2. The Russians and their empire, 1552-1856 (11th August 2022)

3. Revolutionary Russia, 1856-1917 (18th August 2022)

4. A totalitarian empire? The Soviet Union 1917-1991 (25th August 2022)

5. Post-imperial Russia? The perils of decolonization since 1991 (1st September 2022)

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Loot and Plunder: A History of Acquisition in Six Episodes by Hugh Doherty

9 June–14 July 2022

New subscribers have until 8th September 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. The Princeps in Ptolemaic Egypt: the Obelisks of Rome (9th June 2022)

2. The General in Vandal Africa: The Temple Menorah (16th June 2022)

3. The Doge in Komnenian Constantinople: The Four Horses (23rd June 2022)

4. The Revolutionary in Northern Italy: Perugino’s Decemviri Altarpiece (30th June 2022)

5. The Explorer in Ottoman Iraq: The Palace Reliefs of Ashurbanipal (7th July 2022)

6. The Reichsführer in Occupied Europe: The Bayeux Tapestry (14th July 2022) 

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Neolithic Peru to present-day Patagonia – six online talks on the history and culture of Andean Latin America

7 June–12 July 2022

New subscribers have until 6th September 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Machu Picchu is sublime: so what? By David Beresford-Jones (7th June 2022)

2. A Cotton Revolution – the Agricultural Revolution from the Andes by David Beresford-Jones (14th June 2022)

3. The Incas: an empire forged without pen or sword? By David Beresford-Jones (21st June 2022)

4. Who were the Conquistadores? By Chris Moss (28th June 2022)

5. Tangopolis: Buenos Aires, the belle époque and the bordello by Chris Moss (5th July 2022)

6. Patagonia: from Magellan to magic realism by Chris Moss (12th July 2022) 

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Mitteleuropa: History and Memory – six online talks

26 April–31 May 2022

New subscribers have until 26th July 2022 to watch all episodes.

1. Maria Theresa and the making of modern Central Europe, by Richard Bassett (26th April 2022)

2. Europe’s day of judgement: The Battle of Königgrätz 1866, by Richard Bassett (3rd May 2022)

3. Pre-recorded. Otto von Bismarck: Man, Myth and Memory by Katja Hoyer (10th May 2022)

4. The Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles: The German View by Annika Mombauer (17 May 2022)

5. The myth of Germany’s ‘rubble women’ by Annika Mombauer (24th May 2022)

6. Berlin: 1989 and beyond by Tom Abbott (31st May 2022) 

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Musicians on Music – five online talks and discussions with eight musicians

12 May 2022 and any time till 21 July

John Bryan

Adrian Chandler

Jonathan Cohen

Robert Hollingworth

Owain Park

Rachel Podger

Carolyn Sampson

Jonny Sells

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