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Upcoming online talks with MRT speakers

last updated on 15/04/2024



Mozart’s Figaro – a Marriage made in Heaven – four online talks by Ian Page

5–26 September 2024

Subscribers have until 21st November 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. ACT ONE (5th September 2024)

2. ACT TWO (12th September 2024)

3. ACT THREE (19th September 2024)

4. ACT FOUR (26th September 2024)

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A Tale of Two Cities: Kyoto and Tokyo – four online talks by Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

6–27 August 2024

Subscribers have until 22nd October 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. Kyoto – The World of the Shining Prince (6th August 2024)

2. Kyoto – Crossing the Bridge of Dreams (13th August 2024)

3. Tokyo – Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Creation of Edo (20th August 2024)

4. Tokyo – Willow Worlds (27th August 2024)

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Impact and Legacy – the Architectural Styles of the British in India – five online talks by Anthony Peers

2–30 July 2024

Subscribers have until 24th September 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. Strictly Classical: the East India Company makes its mark (2nd July 2024)

2. The Joy of Mumbai Gothic (9th July 2024)

3. The Indo Saracenic – stylistic battles of the late 19th century (16th July 2024)

4. Lutyens and the triumph of New Delhi (23rd July 2024)

5. The Buildings Today: evolving attitudes and conservation (30th July 2024)

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Venice & the Birth of the Modern World: visual culture in the era of print – five online talks by Dr Michael Douglas-Scott

13 June–11 July 2024

Subscribers have until 5th September 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. The ‘Myth’ of Venice (13th June 2024)

2. The Invention of Arcadia (20th June 2024)

3. Text and Image in the Venetian Printed Book (27th June 2024)

4. Painters, the Poligrafi and Publishing (4th July 2024)

5. Artistic Licence versus Authority in the Autumn of the Renaissance (11th July 2024)

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Conduct, Compose, Perform: a musician’s life – three online talks in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Society

23 May–6 June 2024

Subscribers have until 1st August 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. Alice Farnham (23rd May 2024)

2. Dani Howard and James B. Wilson (30th May 2024)

3. Elena Urioste and Tom Poster (6th June 2024)

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Crafting the Nation: national styles in art and architecture c.1900 – five online talks by Dr Shona Kallestrup

14 May–11 June 2024

Subscribers have until 6th August 2024 to watch all episodes.

1.Norway (May 14th 2024)

2. Finland (May 21st 2024)

3. Hungary (May 28th 2024)

4. Polish Galicia (June 4th 2024)

5. Romania (11th June 2024)

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Churchill and the Boffins: Science and Scientists at War – five online talks by Taylor Downing

11 April–9 May 2024

Subscribers have until 4th July 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. Scientists at War (11th April 2024)

2. Churchill’s Finest Hour (18th April 2024)

3. Pre-recorded: Radar (25th April 2024)

4. Spies in the Sky - Science and Aerial Photography (2nd May 2024)

5. D-Day Deceptions (9th May 2024)

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Five pictures: when art meets science – five online talks by Patricia Fara

9 April–7 May 2024

Subscribers have until 2nd July 2024 to watch all episodes.

1. Robert Hooke, A Flea, 1665 (in Micrographia) (9th April 2024)

2. William Hogarth, The Indian Emperor, or the Conquest of Mexico, 1732 (16th April 2024)

3. Joseph Wright of Derby, Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, 1768 (23rd April 2024)

4. Jacques Louis David, M & Mme Lavoisier, 1788 (30th April 2024)

5. J.M.W. Turner, Rain, Steam and Speed, 1844 (7th May 2024)

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Showcasing Martin Randall Festivals in 2024

This episode has now taken place. To watch it in full, click here.

It is less than two weeks until we launch our fourth and final Martin Randall Festival planned for 2024, Opera in Sicily (18–24 October), and to mark this occasion we are hosting an exclusive free webinar episode on 16th November 2023.

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