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Cultural tours departing in 2024

last updated on 10/07/24

We are delighted to publish a list of tours for 2024. Please click on the links below to view full itineraries.

Dates listed for tours which are not yet available to book (those without a code in the list below) are subject to change, although most are unlikely to move by more than one or two days. Please e-mail to register your interest in these events.


Valletta Baroque Festival, 10–15 January (MK160)

Oman, Landscapes & Peoples25 January–4 February (MK165)

String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, 29 January–3 February (MK168)

Mozart in Salzburg, 30 January–5 February (MK167)


Opera in Paris, 13–17 February (MK173)

Hamburg: Opera, 'Elphi' & Exhibition, 18–22 February (MK175)

Vietnam: History, People, Food, 25 February–8 March (MK181)

Connoisseur's Rome, 26 February–2 March (MK182) 

Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, 26 February–3 March (MK179)

Essential Rome, 27 February–4 March (MK183)


Gardens of Madeira, 2–7 March (MK188)

Essential Andalucía4–14 March (MK189)

Art in Texas, 6–16 March (MK190)

The Mandelring Quartet, 8–10 March (MK191)

Welsh National Opera, 8–10 March (MK192)

Cambodia by River, 9–22 March (MK194)

The Story of Venice, 10–15 March (MK196)

Ravenna & Urbino, 11–15 March (MK200)

The Art of Florence, 18–24 March (MK202)

Normans in the South, 19–27 March (MK204)

Venetian Palaces, 26–30 March (MK214)

Minoan Crete, 29 March–6 April (MK216)



Opera in Vienna, 2–7 April (MK218)

Civilisations of Sicily, 2–14 April (MK221)

Gardens of the Riviera, 5–11 April (MK225)

Decorative Arts of Iberia for HALI magazine, 8–20 April (EK226)

Music in Berlin, 10–15 April, (MK227)

Romans & Carolingians, 10–17 April (MK229)

Extremadura, 11–20 April (MK230)

Morocco, 11–22 April (MK232)

Courts of Northern Italy, 12–19 April (MK231)

Pompeii & Herculaneum, 15–20 April (MK234)

Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity, 17–26 April (MK240)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 18–24 April (MK241)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities18–30 April (MK243)

William Howard & the Carducci String Quartet, 19–21 April (MK242)

Genoa & Turin, 20–26 April (MK245)

World Heritage Malta, 22–28 April (MK252)

Western Andalucía, 22–29 April (MK235)

Cornish Houses & Gardens, 23 April–1 May (MK250)

The Cathedrals of England, 24 April–2 May (MK251)

Tom Abbott's Berlin, 25–29 April (MK255)

Habsburg Austria, 29 April–6 May (MK258)

Heart of Italy, 29 April–6 May (MK257)

Classical Turkey, 29 April–8 May (MK256)


Civilisations of Sicily, 6–18 May (MK264)

MARTIN RANDALL FESTIVAL: Salzburg String Quartet Festival, 7–12 May (MK262)

Two Spains: The Spanish Civil War & its Aftermath, 8–16 May (MK267)

Madrid & Toledo, 10–17 May (MK271)

Art in Scotland, 10–17 May (MK272)

Classical Greece, 11–20 May (MK270)

Gastronomic Le Marche, 13–20 May (MK276)

The Western Balkans, 13–26 May (MK278)

Palladian Villas, 14–19 May (MK281)

London Backstreet Walk, 16 May (LK282)

Yorkshire Houses & Gardens, 16–22 May (MK279)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities16–28 April (MK283)

Medieval Heart of Portugal, 19–26 May (MK284)

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, 20–25 May (MK290)

Great Swedish Houses, 20–26 May (MK285)

Versailles: Seat of the Sun King, 24–27 May (MK313)

The Road to Santiago, 24 May–5 June (MK300)

A Festival of Impressionism 26–31 May (MK301)

The Ring in Berlin 27 May–3 June (MK298)

Stockholm Modern, 28 May–2 June (MK305)

Great Houses of the South West, 28 May–4 June (MK302)

Kraków & Silesia, 31 May–7 June (MK306)



Lucca & vicinity, 3–9 June (MK310)

Cyprus: stepping stone of history, 3–11 June (MK311)

Holborn: a London Choral Day, 5 June (LK312)

Gastronomic Veneto, 5–12 June (MK322)

Gastronomic Asturias & Cantabria, 7–14 June (MK315)

Medieval Burgundy, 8–15 June (MK136)

Leipzig Bach Festival, 11–17 June (MK320)

London Gardens Walk, 12 June (LK319)

Great Irish Houses, 14–22 June (MK321)

The Schubertiade, 16–23 June (MK323)

Flemish Painting, 19–23 June (MK326)

The Grange & Glyndebourne, 22–26 June (MK327)

Medieval West Midlands, 24–28 June (MK330)

Vienna's Masterpieces, 24–29 June (MK334)

Gardens in the Highlands, 24 June–2 July (MK332)

The City, 26 June (LK336)

The Plantagenet Empire, 27 Jun–3 July (MK339)

Trasimeno Music Festival, 27 June–4 July, (MK337)

Finland: Aalto & Others, 27 June–5 July (MK341)

West Cork Chamber Music Festival, 30 June-4 July (MK342)


The Welsh Marches, 1–5 July (MK343)

Walking to Derbyshire Houses, 1–6 July (MK344)

In Churchill's Footsteps, 1–6 July (MK345)

French Gothic, 1–7 July (MK346)

Whitehall, 2 July (LK348)

Orkney: 500 years of culture, 2–8 July (MK347)

Whitehall, 4 July (LK353)

Savonlinna Opera, 7–11 July (MK352)

Lofoten Festival, 7–14 July (MK354)

Western Ireland Archaeology, 8–14 July (MK355)

Gastronomic West Country, 8–14 July (MK360)

Scottish Houses & Castles, 10–19 July (MK361)

Danish Art & Design, 13–21 July (MK385)

London Organs Day, 18 July (LK365)

Franconia, 19–26 July (MK365)

Opera in Munich & Bregenz, 21–27 July (MK368)

The Ring in the Alps, 22–29 July (MK370)

The City, 25 July (LK371)

Walking the Danube, 28 July–3 August (MK372)



King Ludwig II, 4–9 August (MK376)

The Squares Walk, 6 August (LK377)

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, 11–24 August (MK380)

Maritime England, 27 August–2 September (MK390)

The Sibelius Festival, 28 August–1 September (MK393)

The Hanseatic League, 29 August–5 September (MK395)


Connoisseur's Prague, 2–8 September (MK411)

Gastronomic Basque Country, 2–9 September (MK398)

Cave Art in Spain, 3–9 September (MK399)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 5–17 September (MK403)

Sardinia, 6–12 September (MK404)

Classical Greece, 7–16 September (MK405)

The Etruscans, 9–14 September (MK409)

Civilisations of Sicily, 9–21 September (MK410)

Albania, Crossroads of Antiquity, 11–20 September (MK426)

West Coast Architecture, 13–23 September (MK420)

Gastronomic Emilia–Romagna, 14–20 September (MK422)

Dark Age Brilliance, 15–22 September (MK424)

Georgia Uncovered, 16–26 September (MK438)

Ancient Rome, 16–21 September (MK427)

Walking a Royal River, 16–22 September (MK430)

Footpaths of Umbria, 16–23 September (MK431)

Historic Musical Instruments, 17–20 September (MK429)

English Georgian Towns, 18–25 September (MK433)

Pompeii & Herculaneum, 23–28 September (MK435)

Raphael, 23–29 September (MK437)

Granada & Córdoba, 23–30 September (MK434)

Arts & Crafts in the Cotswolds, 24–28 September (MK436)

London Backstreet Walk, 25 September (LK439)

Belgian Modern Masters, 25–29 September (MK440)

The Cathedrals of England, 25 September–3 October (MK428)

Extremadura, 26 September–5 October (MK441)

Bulgaria, 28 September–7 October (MK474)


Frank Lloyd Wright, 30 September–10 October (MK477)


Courts of Northern Italy, 4–11 October (MK481)

Basilicata & Calabria, 4–12 October (MK482)

World Heritage Malta, 7–13 October (MK485)

The Douro, 8–15 October (MK489)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 10–16 October (MK491)

Gastronomic Puglia, 10–16 October (MK545)

Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, 10–18 October (MK505)

Connoisseur's Pompeii, 11–14 October (MK507)

Palermo Revealed, 12–17 October (MK508)

Le Corbusier, 12–20 October (MK509)

Italian Design, 14–20 October (MK412)

Walking in Southern Tuscany, 14–21 October (MK510)

Castile & León, 14–23 October (MK511)

Art in the Netherlands, 16–22 October (MK520)

Roman & Medieval Provence, 18–24 October (MK524)


Modern Art on the Côte d'Azur, 22–28 October (MK530)

Istanbul Revealed 24–31 October (MK540)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 24 October–5 November (MK543)

Sicily: From the Greeks to the Baroque, 25 October–3 November (MK526)

Essential Jordan, 26 October–3 November (MK480)

Gastronomic Catalonia, 28 October–4 November (MK544)

Art in Madrid, 30 October–3 November (MK550)

Florentine Palaces, 30 October–3 November (MK551)

Opera at Wexford, 30 October–3 November (MK549)

Music of the Czech Lands, 31 October–5 November (MK552)


Minoan Crete, 1–9 November (MK554)

Ancient and Islamic Tunisia, 2–9 November (MK555)

Venetian Palaces5–9 November (MK558)

The Romans in Britain – a symposium in York, 6–8 November (MK556)

The Making of Argentina, 8–19 November (MK560)

Essential India, 9–22 November (MK572)

Venice Revisited, 11–16 November (MK565)

The Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective, 15–18 November (MK573)

Ravenna & Urbino, 19–23 November (MK575)

Advent Choral Day, 25 November (LK580)


Bruges at Christmas, 20–27 December (MK600)

Christmas in Emilia-Romagna, 20–27 December (MK596)

Dresden at Christmas, 20–27 December (MK601)

Naples at Christmas, 20–27 December (MK597)

Paris at Christmas, 20–27 December (MK599)

Venice at Christmas, 20–27 December (MK595)

Vienna at Christmas, 20–27 December (MK598)

Modern Art on the Cote d'Azur at New Year, 27 December 2024–2 January 2025 (MK530)

Please email to register your interest in events that are not yet available to book.