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Cultural tours departing in 2018

posted on 28/06/2017

We are delighted to publish a list of tours for 2018. Other tours and music festivals will be launched later in the year; our provisional schedule can be viewed at the foot of this page:


Oman, Past & Present, 6–16 January (ME737)

Valletta Baroque Festival, 13–20 January (ME742)

The Schubert Ensemble, 26–28 January (ME749)

Mozart in Salzburg, 27 January–1 February (ME750)



Archaeology at The Castle, 16–18 February (ME757)

Opera in Cardiff, 16–18 February (ME758)

Gastronomic Kerala, 18–27 February (ME756)

Essential Rome, 20–26 February (ME761)

Connoisseur's Rome, 20–25 February (ME760) 

Palermo Revealed, 20–25 February (ME759)

Naples: Art, Antiquities & Opera, 26 February–4 March (ME765)



Florence, 5–11 March (ME768)

The Printing Revolution, 5–12 March (ME767)

Sacred India, 5–18 March (ME777)

Lands of the Maya, 5–21 March (ME770)

Opera in Stockholm, 6–9 March (ME773)

Israel & Palestine, 6–15 March (ME766)

The Mandelring Quartet, 9–11 March (ME771)

Eastern Andalucia, 9–18 March (ME772)

Opera in Copenhagen, 9–12 March (ME776)

Jonathan Keates's Venice, 12–18 March (ME778)

Civilizations of Sicily, 12–24 March (ME775)

Indian Summer, 13–24 March (ME780)

Opera in Vienna, 16–20 March (ME784)

Minoan Crete, 19–28 March (ME787)

Venetian Palaces, 20–24 March (ME789)

Normans in the South, 20–28 March (ME790)

Beauty & the Abyss: Viennese Modernism, 21–25 March (ME792)

Art in Madrid, 21–25 March (ME791)

Music & Ballet in Paris, 27–31 March (ME799)

Barenboim in Berlin, 27 March–1 April (ME800)



Palladian Villas, 3–8 April (ME804)

Western Andalucía, 3–11 April (ME803)

Modern Art on the Côte d'Azur, 5–11 April (ME806)

Gastronomic Emilia-Romagna, 7–13 April (ME805)

Gardens & Villas of Campagna Romana, 9–14 April (ME813)

Pompeii & Herculaneum, 9–14 April (ME807)

The Ring in Leipzig, 10–16 April (ME812)

Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity, 11–20 April (ME820)

Gardens of the Riviera, 11–17 April (ME810)

Royal Churches, 13–15 April (ME814)

The Chilingirian Quartet, 13–15 April (ME811)

Monet & Impressionism, 15–20 April (ME816)

Western Spain: Extremadura & Toledo, 16–24 April (ME826)

Civilizations of Sicily, 16–28 April (ME817)

Cathedrals of England, 18–26 April (ME828)

The Grand Duchy of Tuscany, 19–28 April (ME830)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 19–25 April (ME829)

Romans in the Rhône Valley, 23–29 April (ME833)

Gastronomic Valencia, 23–30 April (ME832)

Modern Art in Sussex, 24–28 April (ME836)

Ravenna & Urbino, 25–29 April (ME834)

Mediaeval Saxony, 30 April–8 May (ME840)



Essential China, 2–14 May (ME842)

The Phoenix Piano Trio, 4–6 May (ME844)

Gardens of the Bay of Naples, 5–11 May (ME846)

Genoa & Turin, 6–12 May (ME851)

Classic Catalan Wines, 7–12 May (ME852)

The Western Balkans, 7–20 May (ME845)

Footpaths of Umbria, 7–14 May (ME854)

Tudor Power in South & West, 8–13 May (ME856)

Barcelona, Mediaeval to Modernista, 8–12 May (ME855)

East Coast Galleries, 9–22 May (ME858)

St Petersburg, 11–18 May (ME860)

Classical Greece, 12–21 May (ME862)

Courts of Northern Italy, 13–20 May (ME864)

Walking Hadrian's Wall, 14–20 May (ME865)

Walking in the Cotswolds, 14–21 May (ME866)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 15–25 May (ME841)

Ceramics in China, 15–26 May (ME872)

Wellington in the Peninsula, 15–27 May (ME869)

Great Houses of the South West, 15–22 May (ME870)

Gardens and Palaces of Berlin and Potsdam, 15–20-May, (ME875)

Gastronomic Veneto, 16–23 May (ME871)

The House of Hanover, 16–22 May (ME868)

Journey through Slovakia, 18–26 May (ME873)

Savouring Lombardy, 18–24 May (ME867)

Moscow & the Golden Ring, 19–28 May (ME878)

Occupation in the Channel Islands, 20–24 May (ME874)

Cotswolds Music Festival, 21–24 May (ME876)

Châteaux of the Loire, 27–30 May (ME886)

Berry & Touraine, 28 May–5 June (ME887)

Ballet in Copenhagen, 31 May–4 June (ME890)



The Venetian Terra Ferma, 2–9 June (ME893)

The Elias String Quartet, 4–6 June (ME895)

Duchy of Urbino, 2–8 June (ME892)

Walking to Santiago, 5–16 June (ME896)

Chippendale in Yorkshire, 5–9 June (ME894)

Galleries of the American Midwest, 6–18 June (ME897)

Treasures of Moravia, 6–13 June (ME900)

Northumbria, 6–14 June (ME898)

The Leipzig Bach Festival, 7–11 June (ME901)

Walking in Southern Bohemia, 8–13-June (ME904)

Mediaeval Burgundy, 9–16 June (ME902)

A Festival of Music in Prague, 13–19 June (ME905)

Crown & Cromwell, 15–21 June (ME906)

Art in Switzerland, 16–20 June (ME918)

Walking to Derbyshire Houses, 18–23 June (ME908)

Norway: Landscape, Art, Architecture, 18–26 June (ME909)

Art in Madrid, 19–23 June (ME910)

The Rhine Valley Music Festival, 20–27 June (ME920)

Walking the Rhine Valley, 20–27 June (ME919)

Copenhagen Modern, 21–25 June (ME928)

Krakow & Silesia, 22–29 June (ME929)

Rock Art in Scandinavia, 24 June–1 July (ME932)

Mediaeval Middle England, 25–29 June (ME931)

The Ring In San Francisco, 25 June–2 July (ME930)

The Schubertiade with Mountain Walks, 27 June–1 July (ME939)

Dutch Painting, 27–30 June (ME935)

Great Houses of the East, 28 June–6-July (ME936)

Frank Lloyd Wright, 30 June–11 July (ME940)



Castles, Campaigns & Countryside, 2–6 July (ME942)

Danish Castles & Gardens, 2–8 July (ME944)

Western Ireland, 2–8 July (ME941)

Gastronomic West Country, 2–8 July (ME943)

Vikings & Bog Bodies, 3–10 July (ME946)

French Gothic, 9–15 July (ME955)

'A Terrible Beauty': Ireland and the Troubles, 9–14 July (ME953)

Gstaad Menuhin Festival, 13–20 July (ME959)

Gardens of Cheshire & Shropshire, 16–21 July (ME916)

Verona Opera, 17–21 July (ME960)

The Ring in Munich, 19–28 July (ME961)

The Georgians in Scotland, 23–31 July (ME966)



Estonia, 6–14 August (ME976)

The Industrial Revolution, 6–11 August (ME975)

Baroque & Rococo, 8–16 August (ME977)

Torre del Lago, 9–13 August (ME979)

Frederick the Great, 13–17 August (ME978)

The Victorian Achievement, 13–20 August (ME980)

Royal Residences, 14–18 August (ME981)

The Hanseatic League, 15–22 August (ME983)

Verona Opera, 16–20 August (ME982)

King Ludwig II, 20–25 August (ME985)

A Festival of Music in Franconia, 25 August–1 September (ME990)

Walking in Franconia, 25 August–1 September (ME989)



Munich's Masterpieces, 1–5 September (MF114)

West Coast Architecture, 3–14 September (MF105)

Moscow & St Petersburg, 3–11 September (MF119)

Walking in Slovenia, 3–10 September (MF111)

Bilbao to Bayonne, 3–10 September (MF106)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 4–14-September (MF101)

Walking to Santiago, 4–15 September (MF102)

Cave Art in Spain, 4–10 September (MF103)

Flemish Painting, 5–9 September (MF112)

Peru, 6–21 September (MF107)

Poets and the Somme, 7–10 September (MF115)

Georgia Uncovered, 8–17 September (MF117)

Franconia, 8–15 September (MF108)

Courts of Northern Italy, 9–16 September (MF109)

The Imperial Riviera, 10–16 September (MF124)

Walking Hadrian's Wall, 10–16 September (MF110)

Hungary, 12–19 September (MF141)

The Hanseatic League, 12–19 September (MF165)

Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity, 12–21 September (MF125)

St Petersburg, 14–21 September (MF148)

Sardinia, 15–23 September (MF151)

Classical Greece, 15–24 September (MF150)

Early Railways: the North, 16–22 September (MF155)

Civilizations of Sicily, 17–29 September (MF157)

Gastronomic Galicia, 17–24 September (MF160)

Tastes of Le Marche, 17–24 September (MF161)

Walking a Royal River, 17–23 September (MF156)

History of Medicine, 17–23 September (MF159)

The Etruscans, 17–23 September (MF158)

Ming & Qing Civilisation, 19–30 September (MF164)

Arts & Crafts in the Cotswolds, 20–24 September (MF163)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 20–26 September (MF170)

Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, 20–28 September (MF167)

Frank Lloyd Wright, 22 September–3 October (MF175)

Lucca, 24–30 September (MF181)

The Divine Office, 24–28 September (MF180)

Pompeii & Herculaneum, 24–29 September (MF193)

Walking to Cornish Houses, 24–30 September (MF162)

Provence & Languedoc, 27 September–6 October (MF186)

St Petersburg, 28 September–5 October (MF196)

Art in the Po Valley, 30 September–7 October (MF199)



World Heritage Malta, 1–7, October (MF206)

Castile & León, 1–10 October (MF204)

The Romans in Mediterranean Spain, 1–7 October (MF201)

Western Balkans, 1–14 October (MF210)

Essential Andalucia, 1–11 October (MF208)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 2–12 October (MF202)

Palladian Villas, 2–7 October (MF205)

Rubens & Baroque, 4–7 October (MF218)

Roman Italy, 8–17 October (MF207)

Walking & Gardens in Madeira, 8–15 October (MF211)

Walking in Eastern Sicily, 8–15 October (MF212)

Siena & San Gimignano, 10–14 October (MF234)

Ravenna & Urbino, 10–14 October (MF235)

Memories of Monte Cassino, 12–18 October (MF214)

Dark Age Brilliance, 14–21 October (MF216)

Civilizations of Sicily, 15–27 October (MF248)

Art in Japan, 15–26 October (MF247)

Gastronomic Spain, 15–22 October (MF215)

Mediaeval Alsace, 16–23 October (MF250)

Modern Art on the Côte d'Azur, 18–24 October (MF252)

Art in the Netherlands, 21–27 October (MF246)

Courts of Northern Italy, 21–28 October (MF268)

Piero della Francesca, 22–28 October (MF278)

Wines of Bordeaux, 22–28 October (MF269)

Gastronomic Sicily, 22–29 October (MF272)

Granada & Córdoba, 22–29 October (MF270)

Parma & Bologna, 24–31 October (MF295)

Cathedrals of England, 24 October–1 November (MF282)

The Indian Mutiny, 24 October–5 November (MF279)

The Making of Argentina, 25 October–7 November (MF296)

Japanese Gardens, 25 October–5 November (MF290)

Normans in the South, 26 October–3 November (MF297)

Essential Jordan, 27 October–4 November (MF298)

Picasso in Spain, 29 October–4 November (MF299)



Music in Bologna, 1–6 November (MF301)

Venetian Palaces, 6–10 November (MF303)

Florentine Palaces, 7–11 November (MF304)

Kingdoms of the Deccan, 10–22 November (MF307)

Civilizations of Sicily, 12–24 November (MF310)

Venice Revisited, 13–18 November (MF345)

Florence & Venice, 19–26 November (MF346)


Proposed departures in 2018

If you would like to receive notification when any of the tours below go on sale, please register your interest.


Haydn in Eisenstadt
The Schubertiade with hill-walking


Hamburg Elbphilharmonie
Music in the Saxon Hills
Opera in Berlin
The Iron Curtain


Music in Savonlinna
Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival


A Portrait of Matisse
Paintings in Paris
The Beaune Music Festival


Caravaggio: From Lombardy to Naples
Musical Instruments (Cremona etc.)
Naples & Amalfi Gardens
Opera in Macerata & Pesaro
Parma & Bologna (with opera) (pre-fest)
Savouring Lombardy
The Trasimeno Music Festival
Torre del Lago
Villas & Palaces of Rome
Wines of Piedmont



The Netherlands

Gardens of the Netherlands


Lofoten Islands Festival


Gardens of Lisbon & Central Portugal


Drottningholm & Confidencen


Islamic Spain

United Kingdom

Arts & Crafts in the Cotswolds
Buxton Opera
Chippendale in Yorkshire
Country House Opera
Music in the Regions
The Divine Office
The Romans in Southern Britain
Walking the Cotswolds
Welsh National Opera


Art in Texas 
Boston & Tanglewood
New Orleans to Natchitoches
Santa Fe