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Cultural tours departing in 2023

last updated on 23/09/22

We are delighted to publish a list of tours for 2023. Please click on the links below to view full itineraries.

Dates listed for tours which are not yet available to book (those without a code in the list below) are subject to change, although most are unlikely to move by more than one or two days. Please e-mail to register your interest in these events. 


Valletta Baroque Festival, 17–23 January (MJ605)

Mozart in Salzburg, 28 January–3 February (MJ610)


Israel & Palestine, 21 February–2 March (MJ626)

Palaces & Villas of Rome, 27 February–4 March (MJ624)

Essential Rome, 28 February–6 March (MJ625)


Castalian String Quartet in Taunton, 3–5 March 

Florence & Venice, 13–20 March (MJ643)

Indian Summer, 14–25 March (MJ644)

Cities of Al-Andalus, 20–26 March (MJ650)

Venetian Palaces, 21–25 March (MJ652)

Gastronomic Valencia, 27 March–3 April (MJ657)

Cyprus: stepping stone of history, 27 March–4 April (MJ660)

Essential Puglia, 28 March–4 April (MJ658)

Florentine Palaces, 29 March–2 April (MJ661)

Classical Turkey


The Ring in Berlin, 3–11 April (MJ662)

Art in Japan, 10–21 April (MJ674)

Romans & Carolingians, 12–19 April (MJ678)

Pompeii & Herculaneum, 17–22 April  (MJ683)

Cornish Houses & Gardens, 18–26 April

The Cathedrals of England, 19–27 April

Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity, 19–28 April (MJ686)

Ravenna & Urbino, 20–24 April (MJ687)

The Linos Piano Trio in Taunton, 21–23 April

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 21 April–2 May (MJ688)

Civilisations of Sicily, 24 April–6 May (MJ692)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 27 April–3 May 

Berlin New Architecture

Cities of Catalonia

Gastronomic Lombardy

Palladian Villas

Tuscan Gardens


The Elias String Quartet in Lavenham, 8–10 May

Walking Hadrian's Wall, 8–14 May (MJ705)

The Duchy of Milan, 8–15 May (MJ716)

Traditions of Japan, 8–20 May (MJ717)

The Western Balkans, 8–21 May (MJ714)

Aragón: Hidden Spain, 10–18 May (MJ715)

Art in Scotland, 12–19 May (MJ719)

Courts of Northern Italy, 12–19 May (MJ723)

Classical Greece, 13–22 May (MJ712)

Great Swedish Houses, 15–21 May

In Search of Alexander, 16–22 May

Anjou, Poitou & Saintonge, 16–25 May

Moldavia & Transylvania, 18–28 May (MJ727)

Leipzig Mahler Festival, 18–29 May

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 19–30 May (MJ725)

Footpaths of Umbria

Georgian Dublin

Great Irish Houses

Minoan Crete

Southern Tuscany

The Medieval Pyrenees

Walking in the Cotwsolds


Medieval Burgundy, 3–10 June (MJ754)

Gastronomy & the Golden Age, 7–14 June (MJ755)

Versailles, 9–12 June

Gastronomic Friuli-Venezia Giulia, 12–18 June

Great French Gardens, 14–23 June

Medieval Alsace, 16–23 June (MJ769)

Gardens in the Highlands, 17–25 June (MJ770)

Medieval Middle England, 19–23 June (MJ772)


Walking the Rhine Valley, 23–30 June

Copenhagen Modern, 29 June–3 July (MJ780)

Art in Tyrol

Flemish Painting

Glyndebourne & Garsington

Great Houses of the North

Lincolnshire Churches

Scotland: the Age of Enlightenment



West Country Churches, 3–7 July (MJ790)

Savonlinna Opera6–11 July (MJ792)

Lusatia: Germany’s Eastern borderlands, 10–16 July

Great Houses of the South West

Orkney: 5,000 years of culture

The Victorian Renaissance

Verona Opera


The Schubertiade, 25–31 August (MJ835)

King Ludwig II

Medieval Saxony


Organs of Bach's Time

The Age of Bede

The Hanseatic League


The Heart of Italy, 2–9 September (MJ848)


Cave Art of France, 4–11 September

Walking to Santiago, 5–16 September

Dutch Modern, 6–11 September (MJ853)

Ravenna & Urbino, 7–11 September (MJ858)

Courts of Northern Italy, 8–15 September (MJ859)

Châteaux of the Loire, 9–13 September (MJ855)

Classical Greece, 9–18 September (MJ856)

Civilisations of Sicily, 11–23 September (MJ862)

English Georgian Towns, 20–27 September (MJ895)

Basilicata & Calabria, 22–30 September

Frank Lloyd Wright, 22 September–3 October (MJ900)

The Ligurian Coast, 23–29 September

Pompeii & Herculaneum, 25–30 September (MJ903)

Essential Andalucía, 25 September–5 October (MJ905)

The Cathedrals of England, 27 September–5 October

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 28 September–4 October

Design & Modernism in Turin & Milan

Gardens & Villas of Campagna Romana

Gastronomic Basque Country

Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Siena & San Gimignano

Sussex Modern

Walking a Royal River

Walking in Northern Tuscany

Walking in Slovenia


Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, 5–13 October

Malta: prehistoric to present, 9–15 October (MJ930)

Ravenna & Urbino, 12–16 October (MJ940) 

Castile & León, 16–25 October

Civilisations of Sicily, 16–28 October (MJ932)

Two Spains: The Spanish Civil War & its Aftermath, 18–26 October


Essential Jordan, 21–29 October (MJ980)

Modern Art on the Côte d'Azur, 22–28 October

Palermo Revealed, 31 October–5 November (MJ996)

Art in the Netherlands

Footpaths of Umbria

Gastronomic Piedmont

In Churchill's Footsteps

Israel & Palestine

Istanbul Revealed

Moldavia & Transylvania

Morocco: cities & empires

Palladian Villas

Renaissance Rivals

Walking & Gardens in Madeira


Les Années Folles, 2–5 November

The Albion Quartet in Taunton, 3–5 November

Venetian Palaces, 7–11 November (MJ105)

Japanese Gardens, 9–20 November (MJ108)

Art History of Venice, 13–19 November (MJ110)

Gastronomic Sicily, 13–20 November (MJ111)

Art in Madrid, 15–19 November (MJ112)

The Art of Florence, 15–19 November

Essential South India, 30 November–13 December (MJ132)

Oman, Landscapes & Peoples


We usually offer several tours over the Christmas and New Year period. Full details will be available in early 2023. 


Please email to register your interest in events that are not yet available to book.